of New York

The Conservative Party Of Wayne County supports all efforts of the New York Conservative Party that is now in its 60th year which continues its role to protect the taxpayers of New York State. Our proposals, in this legislative program, outline the necessary objectives to restore New Yorks fiscal well being. The Conservative Party urges the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government to adopt proposals in order to re-establish New York's fiscal credibility, keep our citizens safe, properly educate our children, and maintain the values that made New York the Empire State.

Wayne County Chairman:
Michael Garlock
The top signature collectors
The top signature collectors this petition season for the Wayne County Conservative Party were Doug Jablonski, Lynn Carlyle, Joe Young, Steve Gallaher, Brenda Garlock and Mike Garlock. Missing from the picture James Baron and Sparky Disanto.
Wayne County Vice-Chairman:
Steve Gallaher

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Who Wayne County Conservatives Support

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