of New York

"Our platforms and positions"

2024 Legislative Priorities

The Conservative Party supports the already legally drawn congressional and senate lines which were in place for the 2022 elections.

We oppose New York State and local jurisdictions open illegal migration policies and sanctuary city status.

We oppose non-citizen voting.

The Criminal Justice Reforms, passed in a budget bill, must be repealed and replaced with more realistic, achievable goals. District Attorneys who do not uphold their responsibilities to prosecute criminals who have broken laws must be removed from office immediately.

The Legislature must repeal same day voter registration, mail-in early voting and no excuse absentee voting in New York State that was overwhelmingly rejected by voters in 2021's statewide ballot proposals.

We firmly oppose any child, who is not of legal age to be encouraged or allowed to seek chemical or physical alterations to change the sex they were born as, and object to tax money being used for said chemical/physical alterations.

Congestion pricing is a regressive tax assessment and must be repealed.

Tax dollars should not be used to prevent or end a pregnancy, nor should they be used for non-residents to travel to NY and pay for their abortion.

We support term limits for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, and Members of the Senate and Assembly and the passage of a Constitutional Amendment establishing Initiative and Referendum and Recall.

We reject any effort to defund law enforcement in any locality within New York State.

Opposition to the second passage of the Constitutional Amendment known as the Equal Rights Amendment.

We oppose any/all efforts by the State to change/interfere with established local zoning laws.

We oppose implementing congestion pricing.

We oppose any efforts to reverse SCOTUS' decision to allow "concealed carry."

We reject extending and/or increasing the personal income tax (PIT) on higher income New Yorkers and we reject efforts to reinstate the stock transfer tax.

New York State government should require all law enforcement agencies to hold, for federal law enforcement officials, any person in our state illegally and prohibit any state or municipality from becoming a sanctuary government.

We support adoption of a constitutional amendment that requires the NYS Budget be strictly limited to budget items and not programs (for example, the Criminal Justice Reform changes) that should stand alone for a legislative vote.

Terminally ill patients should be provided all palliative care to ease their pain; efforts to have physicians assist their suicide must be rejected.

We reject efforts to create safe injection sites and are opposed to the recreational use of all drugs including psychedelic/hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The Reparations Commission should be abolished.

We oppose efforts by the Governor and Legislature to create Commissions that possesses the authority to make state law.

We support law enforcement agencies efforts utilizing all effective law enforcement techniques, such as profiling, surveillance and stop, question and frisk that keeps citizens safe.

We support making all Emergency Medical Services an essential service.

We support parental control of their children's educational choices and classroom experience. We propose that our states voters be offered a state constitutional amendment protecting parents rights.

School districts that decide to permit school personnel to have access to firearms should be provided training and support by state and local law enforcement.

We oppose any effort to provide free college education, and the forgiveness of student loans, while acknowledging that the cost of higher education is far too expensive. "Free" community college or universities is even more costly to taxpayers. Therefore, all levels of higher education should be made available on-line to lower the cost.